Here's some of the great feedback i've received

"...just wanted to say how glad I am I discovered kettlercise. I recently met up with some family I haven't seen in a while and received so many compliments I thought I'd share as I'm sure you like to get feedback and you already know kettlebells get results but now I am a number 1 fan. For the time being I have decided to ignore the number on the scales as I feel a hundred times better than I did last year. (And numbers depress me) My posture is better which alone can make you appear slimmer; I think and my clothes are looser. I have made huge changes to my diet, cut out caffeine and dare I said increased my calorie intake to include more healthy foods. I no longer slouch and feel sluggish and the buzz of the classes keeps me going til the next session.
I have met a nice bunch of ladies that I now consider friends and my self esteem is way up there. I used to think exercise was a form of torture but I guess it's about finding what suits you. Joining kettlercise has made me recognize the changes I needed to make, I feel better than I did 20 years ago :-) Thanks for your encouragement and motivation.
Long may it continue".

"Three years ago i hurt my back, and as a result i have a prolapsed disc. Every morning was a struggle, the pain was unbearable. I started Paul's kettlercise class August last year, with in a month my back pain was fading. I now jump out of bed in the morning, i have no back pain what so ever and i have bags of energy (most days). Paul is a great motivator, and his kettlercise classes are great fun".


Thank you Paul



"Having only been part of paul's kettlercise classes for a few weeks I have to say that Paul made me feel very welcome and very comfortable.  I felt under no pressure to do more than I was capable off and was surprised how quickly the class seemed to go and how much I enjoy it".




"I was quite nervous going to my first Kettlercise class but soon felt part of the group!  It has a nice feel to the class, everyone is friendly and although I couldn't even get up off the floor for my first abs session, I am amazed by my progress so far.  My abs are strengthening and my arms feel more powerful.  I've even moved up a kettlebell for arm work.  I feel more toned and although I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, I am hooked on Kettlercise and I'm sure it can bring me the final result I would like to achieve.  I like the new routine too and you give me the stamina to keep going through the 'burn'!"


"I joined Pauls Kettlercise class a couple of months ago in an effort to improve my overall fitness and avert the middle age spread!  Up until this point, the only exercise I was doing was cycling, however, I wanted a form of exercise that worked all of the muscle groups and this was it.  The classes are fun, the routines are well laid out and changed on a regular basis to keep your muscles alert!!  I can feel a real difference in my fitness and now starting to see my body tone up too".


Thanks Paul and keep up the good work,


"The Kettlercise classes are really enjoyable, yet challenging, and the format regularly changes so never becomes boring. I really like the fact that its one of the few types of exercise that I can do with my partner. The instructor is very friendly and obviously enjoys leading the classes".

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what I have achieved through kettlercise! I didn't have weight to lose as such but wanted to tone and I am getting there! I feel stronger than I ever have, especially in my core and have 'actual' muscles now!! Still working on my sit ups but getting there slowly!!"




"I decided to have a go at Kettlercise in January as I wanted improve my core strength to help with my running and cycling aswell as my allround fitness. I have noticed that I seem stronger allround , this was most noticable whilst cycling. I found it alot easier to negotiate steep hills on my bike than I previously did".



"I have been attending Paul’s classes pretty much since he started them.  They are great fun and very addictive – I now attend 3 times a week!  Paul goes through all the movements in great depth and offers variations for different abilities so the classes are suitable for anyone!  I have really noticed a difference in my overall strength and body shape and I feel so much fitter.  Everyone is really friendly at the classes and Paul makes us smile and laugh throughout.  I would say this is the best form of all round exercise I have ever done!  Keep on working us hard Paul!"