Terms & Conditions

Membership fee.                     3 MONTH MEMBERSIP DEAL

  • Membership will be charged every 3 calander months, payable at the start of your membership period. You can join at any time during the course of a month.

  • The membership fee paid is non-refundable, unless you enforce your right to cancel your membership within 5 working days of registering.

  • Allowances for injuries and ill health cannot be taken into consideration for a refund, unless there are exceptional circumstances.




    You must be 15 or over.

  • Membership is conditional on the satisfactory completion of a health questionnaire.

  • Membership may be refused at Norwich Kettlercise’s sole discretion.

  • Participation in two classes, back to back, will be at the sole discretion of Norwich Kettlercise, based on Health & Safety and class numbers.


Cancellation and Termination

  • You have the right to cancel your membership without notice, within 5 working days of joining (cooling-off period), from and including the day after the payment is made. If you choose to cancel your membership within this period, any fees paid will be refunded to you in full UNLESS you have used any of ‘Norwich Kettlercise’ classes, in which case no refund will be made.

  • To cancel your membership in this period you must email paul.kettlercise@live.co.uk and your refund will be made by the same method you initially paid by. Where this is not possible, I will use another reasonable method at our discretion.

  • If cancelling your membership for any reason, I would appreciate it if you can let me know in advance, so as to not spend time pursuing this matter.


Liabilities and Responsibilities

  • Norwich Kettlercise accepts no responsibility for any damage to or loss of property, except to the extent caused by any negligence on our part.

  • Norwich Kettlercise assume no responsibility for the personal belongings of members.


Class Fees


  • All one off/drop in classes are £5.00 per session.

  • Five session cards are available at £20.00 and are valid for six weeks from date of purchase.

  • Ten session cards are available at £35.00 and are valid for 7 weeks from date of purchase.

  • PLEASE NOTE: All cards are not transferable to anyone else and must be used up by valid date (unless I've been away for any reason, in which case card dates will be extended).



  • Norwich Kettlercise accept no responsibility for accident, injury, illness or misadventure caused to or suffered by members, unless wholly responsible.





Over the course of a year I will be taking approximately 4 weeks holiday, which may include one period of a 10 day block, the odd Bank Holiday, day/weekend away or course to attend to. There may be times where I have to cancel a class at short notice, or through illness, but as my history will tell you, this is a rare occurrence. In all the above circumstances membership will continue to run without any reimbursements for classes cancelled, UNLESS I am off through a sustained illness or injury.


Notice will be given regarding holiday and cancelled classes where I can, but this is not guaranteed.

Despite the possibility of the odd few days off, I’m sure you can appreciate this membership deal is extremely good value for money and I hope you will all benefit from it.